Chiropractic Care Can Relieve Stress

The eye twitch was driving me crazy. Not only was it driving me crazy, I looked crazy with the eye twitch. I’d been dealing with it for over two weeks and no amount of deep breathing or “relaxation” made it stop. The only time it came in handy was when I asked the kids to clean. “Go clean your playroom…or else,” *insert creepy and threatening eye twitch*. Regardless of the power that the twitch might have held, it needed to go and so I headed to the chiropractor.

I tend to hold a lot of my stress in my neck and shoulders. Having a chiropractor that is trained in adjusting the atlas has made a big difference for me! She can tell if my atlas is out just by looking at my legs and feet. There have been a few times that one leg was shorter than the other, up to a quarter of an inch! Just imagine all the extra pressure that was being put on the other side of my body to try and support the shortened leg!

Breathing some fresh air while looking at the pasture.

At my initial appointment, before my first adjustment, they took pictures of my stance. I was leaning to one side and also forward in my natural and relaxed stance. Yikes! I was also suffering from extreme vertigo. The world felt like it was spinning, even when I was sitting or lying down. When I would go run errands I was always nervous that I would accidentally fall over! That stress also made it feel like someone was pushing down on my shoulders. Remember how I mentioned that I tend to store stress in my neck and shoulders? All the added worry was a cycle that I couldn’t break on my own. It turned in to a physical ailment.

Allopathic doctors probably would have recommended a pill for the vertigo. The goal being to reduce inflammation or any fluid build up. As you know, there are always side effects for long term usage of any medication. The more I can do through diet choices and chiropractic care, the better chance my body has at maintaining great health. I have upped my intake of minerals, omega 3s, vitamins, and have also begun taking probiotics. All of those things will assist my body in it’s daily functions. One of those functions being handling stress and we have all experienced some stress in our lives!

I have had immense benefit to my overall health from chiropractic care! If you want to locate a doctor who is trained in atlas adjustments, check out this helpful website. You can also make it a point to ask your chiropractor if they have studied atlas adjustments and if they use them in their practice. I’m so thankful for my chiropractor, all the years of study that she has gone through and her consistent attention to detail. She has blessed me greatly!

-Erin (Coffee Mama Bear)

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