Cup of Encouragement – Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Coffee Lovers

 French Press and Coffee Cake

Coffee and love are a great pair. Choosing to give coffee as a token of your love…you just WON Valentine’s Day. Whether you are gifting to your mother, father, sister, brother, spouse, your child’s teacher, your neighbor, or your closest friend, coffee will be a delightful present. Unless, they ONLY drink tea, then you really need to reconsider your bond with each other. Kidding. Possibly. We’re still friends, Gina. Let’s get to the gifts you need for Valentine’s Day!

Time for an Upgrade! – Items for Their Daily Coffee Grind

Chemex Coffee Maker – This beautiful glass coffee maker is like giving a gift of art. Only, this piece of art makes coffee and they’ll love you even more because we all know handmade stick figure drawings can only be a present from your toddler now. The coffee does take a little longer to brew with this method, but they will end up with a nice smooth cup. Be sure to buy filters, either paper or a stainless steel mesh insert to go along with it.

French Press Coffee Maker – Another unique and beautiful way to make a cup of coffee is a french press. You can find them in various sizes too! One for home use, one for the office, and one for those times they host brunch, with you in attendance. You might need to write down that brunch hosting requirement in the card…

Aeropress Coffee Maker – Portable, easy to use, and makes a smooth cup. The Aeropress is perfect for the friend who wants a great cup of coffee, but also travels a lot! Also, a great option for people who have to live with other people who do not enjoy coffee…that’s a tough life…they really need this coffee maker. Show them some love. Maybe add in a hug.

Capresso Coffee Grinder – You will literally be elevating their daily grind with this coffee grinder. We have been using ours for years. The great part about this grinder is the settings. Whatever coffee maker they have at home (even keurig has a stainless mesh liner) they can grind the beans at the optimum setting for their maker.

Bodum Bistro Grinder – Going on Amazon reviews for this one, but I did run this through fakespot to make sure they are genuine. (Got a “B” rating.) Less expensive than the previous item on the list, this one also has grind settings. Maybe throw in a pun in your card for this one, “One gift that will help your daily grind be as fine as you. Keep it up, my honey boo.” Obviously, honey boo is optional.

Coffee Subscription

Coffee Subscriptions – They Will Love You

Apropos Roasters – Jennie-Mae is excellent at her craft. We have received beans from Kenya, Nicaragua, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Guatemala…all excellently roasted. You can purchase via Etsy listing and you can message to ask for a custom order. She also does wedding favors, talk about giving your guests an amazing gift…if I’d only known!

White Rock Coffee Roasters – You can buy online, in store, or even snag some of their blends at Central Market, but their subscriptions are where you can save. I’ve purchased several types of roasts from them and I enjoy the variety of flavors they offer! The House Blend or the Brazil Monte Cristo are excellent roasts to try.

Texas Coffee Club – A bunch of coffee, that Texans roast, and send your way within 24-48 hours after roasting and it’s all available to you via subscription! You can also pick all sorts of details – roast level, flavor, notes, whole or ground beans – and you can keep within a specific budget too. You’re sure to find something great to please your…I mean your Valentine’s…pallet.

Barba Coffee Co. – A family owned business, run by brothers, with their father’s nickname as their namesake (Barba means “beard” in Portuguese); this would be a great coffee subscription. They have a cool quiz for you to find your coffee personality (or that of your gift receiver)! You have options for how much coffee to send and how often you want it delivered. Be sure to tell them that Coffeemamabear sent you!

Coffee Apparel & More – They’ll Receive Compliments!

Women’s Coffee Shirts
“I love you a latte”
Coffee Heart
“But First, Coffee”
“Mama Needs Coffee”
“Coffee is My Love Language”

Men’s Coffee Shirts
“Powered by Coffee and Sarcasm”
Coffee Brewing Apparatus Diagram
Caffeine Molecule
Coffee Refill Code
“It’s 7am Somewhere”

Coffee Books & More
Craft Coffee: A Manual
Coffee Obsession Book
Chemex Cozy
Latte Earrings
Coffee Cup Necklace
Yeti Coffee Mug

I wish you luck and much love on your Valentine’s Day giving this year! If you are a coffee lover and need to send a not-so-subtle hint about what you want this year…be sure to forward this list! Feel free to email me with any questions or comments.

Mama Needs Coffee
Mama Needs Coffee

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