Cup of Encouragement – Failure & Fear

Failure & Fear

Failure. Not an encouraging word, right? It sparks images of disappointment and feelings of self doubt. Moments of personal failure have risen up out your memory and the fear that you felt with those moments too. Don’t stay there too long. Come back to the present with me and hang on to your seat.

Failure is a part of EVERYONE’S journey. Are you a person? BOOM. You’ve had some type of failure. Failure in school, with friends, in your job, in your business, or a tough spot in your relationship with your kids or your spouse. Want to know something? I have had failure in every area I have just mentioned. There were obstacles, heartbreak, missed goals, and doubt. Yet, even with that list of failures, I still see hope. I can still see opportunity.

When the failure comes, it hits hard. There’s a lot of muck to wade through and fear is often a constant companion. It takes a while to have the DESIRE to stand up on your own two feet. I get it. I want you to know that your feelings are valid, but one thing I cannot be remiss in stating is that YOU CAN SUCCEED AGAIN. LIFE changing moments often stem from set backs and missed goals. If you get out of your seat and start to chase down your goals again… YOU CAN SUCCEED.

Past failures do not define your future…they REFINE YOUR FUTURE. Knowledge of better choices, a wealth of information gained, and wise wisdom can follow you now. Embrace that awesome part of you!

Now, start running.

-Erin aka Coffee Mama Bear