Cup of Encouragement – We Bought a Farm

It’s been our dream for two years now. We wanted a house with some land and a workshop. Something not too far from the city, close enough to school, and still nearby friends and family. A tall order. Many “maybes” and failed attempts later…it has finally happened for us! We’re leaving the traditional suburban scene behind and moving in to a home with a couple of acres.


Our new neighbor, while leaning on the horse fence between our houses, has already promised to show us the ropes. We’re not too worried about this big change. We’re also loving the cowboy vibe. The country has already claimed us. If you need us we’ll be sitting underneath our giant oak tree with some hay sticking out of our mouths, while we whittle on a piece of wood from our mesquite tree.

Even though our littles were FULLY aware that moving was a possibility, they were still caught off guard when we told them about the new house. They have visited plenty of potential homes over that last couple years. We put down an offer on a cute place in July, but we weren’t able to secure it. Another house we saw along the way was quickly nixed because OH MY GOODNESS…it needed to be torn down. Water damage, cracks, broken everything, it was a giver of a house…with the issues. We felt defeated at several points during our house hunt.

I had driven by our new house before and I thought it was super cute, but we threw it out of the running for some reason. My husband was reluctant to visit it, but he agreed to it anyway. Long story short, he loved it, I proclaimed a “HALLELUJAH”, and it’s now ours.

We’ve been in the middle of renovation planning for about a month now. They needed an engineer to make the final call on whether our our kitchen dreams could be reality. We might reach for the moon sometimes y’all, but not without researching the heck out of it first! I know they are doing the right thing by making sure we aren’t about to make the house collapse, it has just taken up some time. Structural integrity, beams, moving this, that, and the other…they have got the plan down now. WE START TOMORROW.

Without further ado, here are some before photos of the areas being renovated! Side note: I want to know your thoughts on chickens and goats. Also, what is the coolest chicken coop you’ve ever seen?

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