Top 10

Here are a few of my favorite things! No affiliated links to be found here. Amazon thought 11 cents was not enough income, so they fired me. WELCOME TO MY LIST OF FAVORITES. 🙂

  1. The Bodum – My favorite French Press. This is not only a beauty, it is easy to clean and we have been using ours for years. It’s a good price compared to traditional coffee makers.

2. SterlingPro French Press – Another beautiful option for coffee. This is the french press we bring out for our guests to experience the delight of French Press coffee! We named ours BRUNO. We thought it was special enough to have it’s own name. 🙂

3. Bodum Milk Frother – Easy to use, easy to clean, $6.99 is a great price. It did a great job with the NutPod (almond/coconut) creamer. Personally, like to use oatmilk best, taste wise. Make beautiful froth for your coffee at home!

4. Breville Milk Frother – Milk frother and milk warmer all in one! I don’t have a microwave, so I needed this kitchen tool! It is stainless steel, so don’t worry about nonstick flakes ending up in your milk! The frothing cup is dishwasher safe. I’ve heated up premade PSL as well as apple cider.

5. Black Overalls – This fashion choice seems to be a winner this fall! I got mine from Macy’s, in the juniors section. I am a size 28 in jeans and ended up with the youth size 9. The 5 fit…but it was way too tight!
(Check out the Fall Video with these here!)

6. Trendy Fall Season Hat – I ordered my maroon hat off amazon. The packaging it arrived in wasn’t the best, but the hat is no worse for wear. I really can’t pass up a cool hat for under $17! There are A TON of colors to choose from, take a peak!

7. Fair Indigo – I have several shirts from this brand and EVERYTHING is quality made. From the first touch of the fabric, you can just tell that it is a expertly made clothing item. My shirts have done well in the wash and the items I have are wardrobe staples for me.

8. Coffee Maker Shirt – A cute find on Etsy. It’s printed on Bella Canvas, so it’s a quality shirt. Check out the shop in the link! The shop name is “andMorgan”.

9. Wear Pact – I ordered the women’s Boxy Tee in EVERY COLOR. I sized down one from my normal ordering and I LOVE it. A perfect shirt fit for me! I have also purchased most of my underwear from Pact. Pact is all about sustainably made clothing and they are Fair Trade too.

10. Caitlyn Minimalist Jewelry – I have four rings from this shop. I wear them all the time and I like that I was able to customize them. I’ll show y’all a pic soon! In the meantime, check out her shop!

(Nothing here is affiliated.)